"Iris Graminea"




Bringing nostalgia, themes and events of the 80s and 90s, combined with current times, NOPIN’s Winter 2020 collection brings the idea of resignifying, giving a new meaning, as a central feeling. Redefine habits, bonds, memories and finally our wardrobe - an important object that suggests and enables the creation of unique identities and personalities for each person. The starting point of the collection was the film Clueless, which this year celebrates 25 years since its debut, and which portrays the relationship between generations x and y, the encounter of different musical styles, economic classes and cultural and racial diversity. The 1995 music scene brought antagonisms such as grunge and disco, the first personified by guitarist Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, who was responsible for creating the image of the plaid pattern combined with pieces of broad modeling along with a transgressive attitude, with the colors and vibrant energy of the disco in the style of the singer Cher, and all her image created around a lot of brightness and strong colors.

Catarina Pinto, designer behind NOPIN, inspired by these references creates for the collection a universe of possibilities through timeless, asymmetrical and easy-going pieces, bringing the mini skirt, blazer and flare pants in sober tones such as black, red and burgundy complementing with pink, emerald green and other shiny fabrics. Natural silks and faux leather mix between tones and modeling, allowing countless personalities to be created. One of the highlights of the collection is the exclusive print developed by the designer and inspired by the artist Albert Oehlen, who at his time explored the “new” digital environment, using the computer to create his works. In the continuous search for quality and purpose, Catarina once again valued the choice of 100% Portuguese fabrics. In addition, caused by current changes and always trying to learn from the new world that is emerging, bringing new habits and needs, the designer chose to find a new look in the leftovers of fabrics from past collections, thus avoiding waste.



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