HUMAN'S FASCINATION WITH MARS                

The planet Mars is the main inspiration for the AW21 collection, especially "the fascination of humanity for Mars", a fascination that throughout these years has always been very present in a large part of the world population. The curiosity to know what is like, if life ever existed or could exist, what its characteristics are, all those questions are getting closer to knowing with each passing day. Technological advances already allow us to visualize Mars, hear sounds coming from the red planet and even know its temperature though robots installed there. This year of 2021 the robot Perseverance landed on Martian soil with a helicopter inside, this is the most sophisticated robot that NASA has sent to Mars and intends to collect samples and signs of microbial life - we are getting closer and closer.

NOPIN's new winter collection also has references from the 1951 sci-fi movie "Flight to Mars". The brand's designer Catarina Pinto was inspired by details from the movie's characters' wardrobes, such as short dresses, shoulders quilts, oversized hoods, bright fabrics and jumpsuits. The pattern of the AW21 collection is exclusive, being also designed by the designer, inspired by the image "The fault in our Mars"taken by NASA "Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter" which shows faults that interrupted the layered deposits.

The fabrics used in the collection have the crack effect, crumpled, which represent the textures of the soil of the planet Mars; velvety shiny fabrics that represent the extravagance that Mars has in the eyes of the humanity. Transparent fabrics such as silk organzas and satin fabrics are also widely used. The use of fabrics with a warmer character, such as quilted in the coat, among others, refer to the colder temperatures that the planet Mars has in relation to Earth. The pieces have accessories such as metal buckles that refer to astrounauts' suits, buttons in metal and resin in an asymmetrical design, inner metal springs. The design of the piece is extravagant but at the same time practical and comfortable. Use of ruffles, deep pleats, frills with asymmetrical and deconstructed pleats, openings with different cuts, drapes, V-necks, sleeves with lots of balloons, belts and evasée and oversized cuts.

The collection was photographed in a special landscape located in Spain which reminds us of the red planet, Mars.

photographer: João Octavio | models: Andreia Aguilon and Sasha Kholkina | beauty: Raquel Soeiro | styling: Catarina Pinto | video: Daniella Rodrigues | production: Paula Pinto, Alfredo Pinto and Orlanda Souza | marketing: Jessica Castro