AW22 Collection



Liberations” is a collection that portrays a fantasy world through the imagination of the artist Ilene Meyer. She was a self-taught painter who combined surrealism and magical realism with references to past, present and future related to the environment and science. The NOPIN's AW22 collection is all about bold concepts, eccentric ideas and striking techniques inspired by Ilene Meyer. It intended to create a new world of art and one that promised to completely overturn conventional ideas. “Liberations” invites you to enter an imaginary world where strong colors, geometric patterns, optical illusions, hand-wrinkled fabrics, volumes and ruffles predominate.

The only escape from these problems is the liberation from all that is negative, from the discovery of a refuge as a form of landscape for the mind. This escarpment can be seen in the light, vibrant colors of the collection, in the fluid, transparent and light fabrics that convey calm, hope, fragility and tranquility after the wear of the mind.



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