NOPIN seeks to highlight the nature philosophy and its characteristics: sense of unity, simplicity, humility and wisdom. At the birth of NOPIN, the sense of community and family is already present. NOPIN was born in 2006 from a dream of Paula and Alfredo, parents of Catarina Pinto, current designer of the brand. In 2019 the dream came true by the hands of the daughter. Love, empathy, unity and truth are values that the brand intrinsically carries in its veins because of its family trajectory. Full of life and sensations, its authentic design gives to the wearer opportunities for self-expression and unique interpretations. The brand has its own team of seamstress made all of women, and all the pieces are handmade with love by them in north of Portugal, a very traditional and valued zone for its centuries of expertise in textile, quality fabrics and manual craft work. Today, so much of what we wear is mechanised, mass-produced and following trends, by contrast, Catarina uses human craft skills acquired by her family since 1999. NOPIN intends to pursue a very natural and spontaneous feelings, guided by nature, to create timeless pieces with author design, working in an inclusive way supporting local seamstress and their communities, to slowly bring each new piece of her unique designs to life.



All of our creations are handmade in Portugal by our team in our own atelier, always taking in consideration fair working conditions. Also around 80% of our fabrics and trims are national, valuing the strengthening of our Portuguese economy. When choosing to have an in-house production, we chose not to have stock in our collections, most of our pieces are made on demand, taking into account not only the efficiency of the stock but also not producing in excess clothes that may become discarded. Due to the nature of our brand, we consequently involve a type of manual work that is becoming increasingly scarce. Taking this into account, we are committed to sustaining these craft skills that exist in our community and also preparing for the future by training new members to learn this art.


Catarina Pinto, the designer behind NOPIN’s creations, shares her dream and day-to-day life with her family. It was from an old aspiration to create her own brand that Catarina joined her young and modern energy, creating a fashion brand combining unique design and values of her generation. Graduated from the Higher School of Arts and Design in Matosinhos, Catarina participated in several competitions, being a finalist in the “Denim Young Contest” created by Troficolor, the “Portuguese Fashion News” held at Modtíssimo and one of the winners of the ESAD + THE contest. Since the choice of fabric, its quality, origin, durability, the designer is present in all stages of her creations, responsible for authorial and timeless design, creating new pieces with purpose, personality, care and affection, Catarina is always attentive and immersed in all processes, dedicated to learning and evolving in parallel with NOPIN.


As a luxury design brand, since its birth, NOPIN has taken care to create designs with durability, quality and relevance. From its manual production, combined with the use of raw materials in its majority national, valuing the strengthening of our Portuguese economy, in addition to the local labor used within fair working conditions. The brand is concerned with all the steps involved in allying itself with what is innovative in the market in which it operates. We believe that the most valuable thing we have in our culture, which is our design, can offer to those who choose our brand pieces with meaning and purpose. We are committed to continuing to seek modern and responsible ways of operating our brand. Through each and every decision and action of our day to day, we take into account the positive impacts that we can achieve through the design. We are always open and attentive to listen to suggestions from our entire network: employees, suppliers and customers. If you have something to share please contact us: