“Landscape of the mind” is the escape from the problems of the mind, which NOPIN intends to transmit with the SS20 collection.

This collection starts from the mind, the state of consciousness or subconsciousness that allows the expression of human nature.

This expression that begins in a state of madness, anxiety, anger, in the explosion of thoughts and in the confusion of the mind, which starts from past memories.

These states are transmitted through the ruffles, elastics and drapes that convey the bursting of all these heavy emotions.

The only escape from these problems is the liberation from all that is negative, from the discovery of a refuge as a form of landscape for the mind.

This escarpment can be seen in the light, vibrant colors of the collection, in the fluid, transparent and light fabrics that convey calm, hope, fragility and tranquility after the wear of the mind.