e n c h a n t m e n t    o f   g e s t u r e s

"In the same direction as the brand's latest collection: "Ressignifying Memories" Catarina Pinto, stylist behind NOPIN, searches in her childhood memories for her affective bonds in everyday activities that took place in her family context. During the development of the new collection, which takes place during social isolation due to the global context, the moment naturally provides for the rescue of common situations among their family members, more specifically alongside her grandparents. It was common for Catarina to spend a few days of her childhood contemplating them in their activities in the countryside, in agriculture - above all, she admired her gestures, simplicity, beauty and purity in the treatments and activities they performed.

Due to the lack of images from that time, such as which one she could use to serve as inspiration, Catarina sought in the work of photographer Artur Pastor a concrete object that would enable her to start her research for the new summer collection 2021, Enchantment in Gestures. Artur Pastor, an important but not really known Portuguese photographer, dedicated his life to registration - and art, to creating images of Portugal from the last century, portraying particularly as the 40s and 70s, materializing in photos the reality of handcrafts, agriculture, of the daily lives of most Portuguese, from north to south of the country. The chosen piece mainly explores his work from the 50s, a period in which he portrays the North of Portugal, the potato and grape harvests (a process known as vindimas), images in which she can most identify herself.

The continuous and manual care since sowing, caring, harvesting, trimming to result in something tangible, in this case food, is directly related to the purpose that we seek and we believe in NOPIN, because we believe in the time of things and that this leads to quality, and this is the true luxury. As well as a characteristic present also in the work of Artur Pastor, in which he could spend days peeking, trying to frame the best photo, waiting for the ideal light, for the most genuine gesture, which could sometimes take 3 days to capture just one image - photography, followed by the process of developing, printing and enlarging the images.

More and more we understand and value the time of things. Respecting cycles, respecting nature's time and even more than that, valuing small everyday gestures, beauty in what is simple and genuine, because in the end what marks us are not the great things, it's all about the details which can be recognizable only for those who are willing to give them attention and then build unforgettable and unique memories with them."



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