"Iris Graminea"



Iris Graminea

“Iris Graminea” is a collection based on botanical illustration books in linen and cotton by artist Mary Ann Scott - “Botanical Scketchbook”. “Iris Graminea” represents a collection where strong and contrasting colors predominate, frills, pleats with an allusion to the tulip, layers of fabrics, transparencies, lace and handmade flowers. The collection's print is a composition by the designer, where she used an illustration of the Iris Graminea flower and developed a pattern alluding to a leaf from a botanical sketch book.

Catarina, NOPIN's authorial designer, sought to bring references from the works of artist, creating pieces that combine comfort, authenticity and elegance. The collection is produced mostly with sustainable fabrics, certified and produced in Portugal, such as linen, handmade linen, organic cotton, recycled polyester, seaqual polyester, ecological polyamide and silk. In addition, NOPIN preserves its quality and demand through its own atelier.